Kelley May

Case Study: Email


 Case Study: McCormick Center emails



The McCormick Center, a non-profit, had a fairly large Mailchimp email list that needed to be re-evaluated as their open and click rate were fairly low compared to industry standards.

Through careful planning and the development of a marketing campaign, the open rate was increased immediately by 50% and the list saw an organic growth of 50% over the course of 6 months.

The Problem

  • Open rate was very low compared to the industry standard

  • The list hadn’t been cleaned in many years

  • The email templates were outdated and needed to match the center’s current branding To better understand why this was happening it was to take a look at previous emails and their analytics and understand what was working and what wasn’t.


The process

After auditing the Mailchimp account, it became apparent that a large portion of the email list was not active at all. Because of this the first plan of action was to try to re-engage this audience.

Screen Shot 2019-03-05 at 1.40.25 PM.png
  • Step one: Updating the sign-up form

    • Separate lists were created for different topics: resources, updates, events, all lists, that told the person signing up the frequency they would receive those emails.

    • The form was updated in general, making it more user-friendly and easier to update

  • Step two: Re-engagement campaign for inactive users

    • Created segments and tags to keep track of this group

    • Gave them an option to update their profile and choose which emails they’d want to see, or allow them to unsubscribe

  • Step three: Removing those who did not engage with the reengagement campaign

    • This allowed for more organic growth, and gave us a better understanding of where the list stood and allowed us to more accurately measure growth.

  • Step four: updating the email templates to match the branding and UX/UI best practices


  • Open rate was increased by 50% immediately, stayed consistent over 6 months with targeted emails increasing their open rate by 70-100%

  • Because list data had been updated and new subscribers were giving us better data, the ability to target messages with success increased

  • Organic list growth of 50% within a 6-month period

  • Email templates were updated match the organization’s current branding

  • Information in these emails are carefully thought out to reach the intended audience and are organized in a way in which the content is more easily digested

  • A new email schedule was created so that staff would be able to plan content accordingly